This website was developed to help honest people from being scammed online and also to give you a good place to go to if you are serious about better yourself and helping other along with starting your own business or website. If we do happen to recommend anything at all, then it has been thoroughly tested by myself and others to be a value-added opportunity for someone looking to better themselves.

About Myself

My name is Shane, I currently hold a job as a PLC programmer and on the side, I design websites for businesses in and around my area. This has been my career for the past ten years; also I have been actively pursuing several different means other than my current job to better myself and the well-being of my family for the past 7 years. I know exactly what it is like to work hard for what you believe in and value the little things in life such as family, good health, integrity, and honesty.


During my search for trying to better myself, I have been a victim of many different online scams in the past five years just trying to make an honest dollar. Not by trying to take advantage of people who like me, might not know about the behind the scenes activity that most online sites are doing. I have been scammed by many different so-called helpful websites that at first seem to be helping you grow but there is always an underlined reason behind what they are doing.

I am sure that I am not the only one, we had all had instances in our lives where we have felt cheated. Not just our own perception of what is going on but really taking a look back and saying to yourself that in your heart that you believe that you have been tricked out of your hard-earned money.

I understand that people have to make a living somehow but cheating people out of what they deserve is not one of them in my opinion. After all, is said and done they end up with your hard earned money, and you can’t even voice your opinion unless you can start your website to be able to reach out to those who need to know.

I feel that it is up to me to inform you of the scams that have experienced and also show you that there is a real honest place that adds value to your life. If you happen to decide to go with one of the websites that we have deemed a scam then at least we did our part by informing you first.

We will not recommend any sites that have not been thoroughly tested by myself and have also been verified to be a value to any person trying to better themselves.

Please feel free to contact me, I look forward to talking with you.



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