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How to start a website for free in minutes with no money….

There is a great website that lays out how to start a website for free which has free training and actually a free website to use while you go through this training, the website development training is a step by step method and is primarily video-based.

As stated the training is free and if you do like it and are serious about starting a website business or just making a supplemental income then this would be a great feature to try out.

Here is a quick review:

Have you ever wanted to start a website or start a side business but thought that it was too hard or that you didn’t have the time? I did….then I stumbled into Wealthy Affiliate where I learned how to create a website, for free might I add.

I didn’t pay a dime, after the training, I felt that things went so well that I would pay to be a premium member to aid others in their journey to having a better way of life. Sign up and give it a try, I hope to see you there, if you sign up for the free trial then please look me up and I will help you in any way that I can.

Here is a little about that service:

Wealthy Affiliate – What Are They About

Premium is well worth the cost, the benefits to this program get better with every day that passes, I recommend ready the bottom review and at least trying it.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a range of free services from:

  • free instructional video training
  • free website development
  • community of people there for support
  • how to learn online advertising
  • how to find a good niche market

This isn’t about trust, it’s about being honest.

I will say this about the internet, you have caution with just about anything you do but when it comes to getting training for free with no string attached there is only one place that I trust, this is the place that taught me how to start a website and be able to have a voice against people who are just trying to scam you. Weather it be starting an online website for a business or just having a hobby like I do.

This is the #1 ranked place to go to for website training.

Start a website free or just get free online website building training.

At Wealthy Affiliate there is a complete help section for just about any question that you may have, here is an example one of my first post on the site.

If you would just like a sample view the help section of this website then here is the link.

This is my direct blog so feel free to take a glance it doesn’t cost a thing, just your time.

By using Wealthy Affiliate you can start your own website for free at no cost to you along with being trained how to do so.

This is my whole hearted honest opinion regarding online training, website development, or just learning about the basics to start an online business.

I would like to ask you to take a look, you can check it out for free with no risk.

I’m on the site so if you sign up then I will be able to help you out along with all the other great people here at Wealthy Affiliate, you can look me up if you would like when you get there, I would love to show you to quick tips to starting your website. It is a lot of work at first, I will not lie but with the right help, things start picking up quickly.

If you happen to decide to transition your free website to your very own domain then here is a quick view of why 90% of people choose Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is the info comparison of the leading website domains.

WA Comparison

As you can see that WA is the cheapest place to obtain your very my domain, the training is completely free and if you decide to start a website then it is only $13.99 which in my opinion is well worth the freedom you get from having control of your own website and being able to reach out and help people.

Can you make money with your own domain?

Again, if you are willing to learn something and grow better….maybe even work from home or just make a second method of income to help out in bettering yourself. Go to

Leave your contact information on the contact section of this website and your comment, I look forward to hearing from you.

Again, thank you for visiting my site and I hope to see you there.