Tai Lopez’s 67-Steps To Success

Their is a lot of people that want to know what Tai Lopez net worth is for 2018? Well according to his 2018 records it is anywhere from 3 to 5 millions dollars but that is mainly because he is a very smart man and has interest in roughly 20 different business ventures and that also answers the question of “What is Tai Lopez’s job?” if you know what I mean.

Tai is an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries.

Tai does re-invest in his own self growth, spending roughly $150,000 to $200,000 a year on his own education or in other words self growth. Now to show a little of what he has to offer in his training program and to find out is he really a scam artist or a legit person just trying to help out.

To start off with, thank you for visiting my website so that you can hear my opinion. I just want to take a few minutes of your day to give you a breakdown of my experience with Tai Lopez’s programs such as the 67 step program, the VIP program, the yellow belt or Mini MBA program.

These programs that Tai Lopez has developed are to help you improve your IQ and be a better planner. He has a book club for those that sign up for the VIP program which has a lot of great new books, he also show how to find mentors who are 10 years ahead of you in whatever career or craft that you are in.

At age 16, Tai realized that life was too complex to figure out on his own.

So Tai wrote a letter to the wisest person he knew, his grandfather – a scientist – and asked for the answers to life’s hard questions.

Tai was disappointed with his grandfather’s reply. There was no “secret formula.” The letter simply said, “Tai, the modern world is too complicated. You’ll never find all the answers from just one person. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a handful of people throughout your life who will point the way.”

But one week later his grandfather sent a package containing an old, dusty set of eleven books with a note, “Start by reading these.”

That began Tai’s habit of reading on his search for what he calls the “Good Life”: the balance of the four major pillars of life – health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Over the years, Tai sought out the secrets to that “Good Life” by setting up his life as a series of experiments. He began by first reading thousands of books from the most impactful figures in history Freud, Aristotle, Gandhi, Charlie Munger, Sam Walton, Descartes, Darwin, Confucius, and countless others.

Tai Lopez’s  67-Steps Process

Ranking for Tai’s material is an A rating for the whole material:

  • 67-steps
  • VIP for the 67-steps
  • Yellow Belt MBA
  • The Accelerator Program

Itemized rankings of each of his training:

  • 67-steps : 95 out of 100
  • VIP of the 67 steps : 90 out of 100
  • Yellow Belt MBA : 85 out of 100



I have heard a lot of talk on social media also from general talks around as well in the past few years asking what is Tai about so I decided to give my views on the his training that I have already went through.

I will say that I am a big fan of TED talks and TEDx talks, I have personally attended several events myself.

Tai, himself has done a TEDx talk in his career. I would like to take this chance to show you that very TEDx video so that you too can experience some of what Tai Lopez offers.

67 Steps to success….Reason for rankings?

By now everyone has probably heard of the Tai Lopez 67 step program if not then here is the infamous video that pops up on YouTube to promote his program.

I personally bough the $47 program and feel that it is worth the $47 you pay for the learning that you get but there are some pros and cons that you need to know to have a better understanding.

Tai’s Positive points

  • Very well laid out 67 steps
  • Tai’s book club
  • Tai’s book reviews (only VIP)
  • Inspiring videos
  • Tai’s approach on learning
  • Great community learning
  • Helpful customer support

67-Step program cost

By now everyone has probably heard of the Tai Lopez’s 67-step program which has many claims but the main one that is the attention grabber is the videos of Tai Lopez himself walking around his house or what is said to be his house and showing you all the cool stuff he has and accredits this to his life’s works and how he has developed this new training about what he did to get this success in life.


My experience with Tai’s 67-steps to success

I have said that before, I have been through quite a few of different training sites before and online processes that claim to help you or make you a better version of yourself, even a get rich theory that may or may not work for you. As I said, I paid my $47 then started the training and half way through it.

I don’t mind paying for something if it adds value to my life but from my opinion about the Tai Lopez’s Mini MBA training services, they are just a waste of time which I can’t get back and also my hard earned money. In the range of over a thousand dollars.

If you don’t think I am telling the truth about this then signup and you will see my name in the comment section of the training for the 67 step and the mini MBA.

I feel that it is my duty to give you my honest opinion about systems like this so that I can help stop people from being scammed online. If I am only able to stop one person from getting caught up in this scam then I feel that this website was not a waste.

I truly hope this gives you a clear view of the 67 step program also the Mini MBA or yellow belt program and helps save you money by not falling for it.

Don’t get me wrong there is good online training out there but ones that start out free with no strings attached so don’t give up hope. The one that I used to create this website is terrific and I highly recommend but I’m not in the business of internet marketing or even claim to know about it. I just wanted a way to voice my concerns and enlighten people so that they will not waste money on Tai Lopez’s mark ups. The 67 steps is a value added program however there are cautions there as well regarding mark ups.

Why 67-Steps For Success?

If you have seen one of Tai’s videos that pop ups on YouTube as a commercial and have listen to it, he talks about times in his life where he only had $47 in his bank account. I have to admit that there is a slightly funny element to some of his YouTube videos but make no mistake, his is a business when it comes to self improvement and the key steps to making anyone better. It takes 67 days to learn just about anything, not remembering it but actually retaining it and understanding different elements to achieve the best results.

I only bring this up because Tai myself taught me to think this way through the 67 steps and the yellow belt MBA training. I fully trusted that fact that I would have learned something from Tai and truth be known, I did…..

I don’t mind sharing a the online site that taught me for free I might add, just contact me and I will give you the information if you would like.


That is completely up to you, although I would still love for you to leave a comment.

If so I would love to hear about it so we can share your experience to reach out and help other people not make the same mistakes as we have.

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If you have any questions or would like to discuss this or any potential online scams then please feel free to leave me comment in the

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