Top Tier Side Income – Worth the Hype?

Top Tier Side Income Program Review – What is the Business?

Top Tier Side Income has gotten a ton of attention recently!!

The company operates in the field of affiliate marketing and I was asked on one of my WA chats this morning “Has anyone heard of the Top Tier Side Income system?” so I decided to dig deep into this and give all the information that I could about them to help everyone that is looking into this system.

I’ve been part of and also seen countless successful companies emerge from this type of niche, on the other hand I’ve also been taking a for a lot of money from a lot of schemes like this so it  is important to get a review or read other’s experiences with programs before jumping into something especially something that is new.


We all want to be part of the next big thing but this is exactly why you need to get a good understanding before spending your money on something, you have to look at these programs just like you are a consumer trying to buy the best TV that you can buy for the money.

Research and listen to what people have to say, negative and positive are all important.

And remember there are always those who just want to some negative impact out there so as there voice is important, it is also important to weigh the difference between negative reviews and positive reviews.

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what’s a scam or scheme and what is truly a legit opportunity, and that’s what we’re here to find out in this Top Tier Side Income Review of mine.


What is all the talk about Top Tier Side Income?

There are a ton of programs out there that don’t work and many that do work so how do we know for sure.

This I know from years of experience in going through many of these programs.

Disclosure – I have researched it and know people that have been through this program and some how are still testing this system, I’ll share info on the program so you can see if it’s a good fit for you.

Top Tier Side Income is a program that the provides one-on-one coaching but it doesn’t seem to be value added coaching so helping is really a joke. This is research that is being handing down to me about this program, I actually thought well maybe they are just telling me that some i signed up for the 7 day trial and believe me, it sin’t worth the effort.

Top Tier Side Income has not yet proven to be life-changer like it claims to be, and it breaks down to the quality of the program, it doesn’t seem to add value by being honest so if being honest and feeling good about yourself is your goal in life then the Top Tier Side Income program is not for you.

So when you see this logo, beware!



Top Tier Side Income Product Line – What is it Really?

Well, I don’t now what you have seen and read but this is a funnel sales system.

If you don’t know what a Funnel sales system is then here is an example:

At the heart of the sales funnel concept is the numbers game, the more people a sales guy talks to the more possibility they have of making money but it really boils down to having to waste your time trying to find tricky ways to get people to talk to you and really just like door to door salesman were walking from door to door, these sales funnel people are constantly trying to find different ways to talk you into buying what ever product they are selling. The internet sales funnel game is today’s version of the door to door salesman except now through your phone or internet website .


Put in short, sales funnels are generally for crooks and scam artist so beware of them, they may look pretty on the outside but before you know it you are getting the money soaked right out of you. They have upsells that say that you can benefit from taking it to the next level but what it really happening is that you are the customer and not the one making money.


I hope that you don’t fall for the Top Tier Side Income scam.


People Ask me how I become Successful?

Look….it is as simple as this, if you want it then you have to apply yourself in whatever you do. You have to be willing to put in the hours and you have to be willing to give it your all.

Ask yourself this question:

Do I want to succeed as much much as you want to breathe?

Here is a story that I heard years ago that really stuck with me.

There was a young man who
wanted to make a lot of money
And so he went to this Guru, right.

And he told the Guru,
“You know I wanna be on the same level you’re on.”

And so The Guru said,
“If you wanna be on the same level I’m on,
I’ll meet tomorrow,
At the beach, at 4 AM.”

He’s like,
“The beach?
I said I wanna make money. I don’t wanna swim.”

Guru said,
“If you wanna make money,
I’ll meet you tomorrow. 4 AM.”

So the young man got there 4 AM.
He all ready to rock n’ roll.
Got on a suit.
Should have worn shorts.

The old man grabs his hand and said,
“How bad do you wanna be successful?”

He said, “Real bad”.
The Guru said, “Walk on out in the water.”
So he walks out into the water.

Watch this.
When he walks out into the water it goes waist deep.

So he’s like,
“This guy crazy.
I wanna make money and he got me out here swimming.
I didn’t ask to be a lifeguard.
I wanna make money.”

So The Guru said, “Come out a little further.”
He walked out a little further.

Then he had it right around this area,
The shoulder area.

“So this old man crazy.
He making money,
But he crazy.”

So he [The Guru] said,
“Come on out a little further.”

He came out a little further,
It was right at his mouth,
My man like,
“I’m not about to go back in.
This guy out of his mind.”

So the old man said,
“I thought you said you wanted to be successful?”

He said, “I do.”
The Guru said, “Walk a little further.”

He came,
Dropped his head in,
Held him down,
Hold him down,
My man getting scratchy,
Holding him down,
The Guru had him held down,
Just before my man was about to pass out,
The Guru raised him up.

He The Guru said, “I got a question for you.”
The Guru said, “When you were underwater, what did you want to do?”

He said, “I wanted to breathe.”

The Guru said,
“When you want to succeed,
As bad as you want to breathe,
Then you’ll be successful.”


My Conclusion for Top Tier Side Income

At the end of the day, Top Tier Side Income is absolutely not worth looking into.

Exactly if you wanted to a few good places to turn to for a value added opportunity then I only recommend these two programs:

Wealthy Affiliate

  • Membership (unlimited free)
  • Free Keyword Search Tool with Training
  • Free website training
  • Free website by site.rubex

You can read my full review about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link.

Tai Lopez 67 Steps

  • Very well laid out 67 steps
  • Tai’s book club (Great even you don’t read)
  • Tai’s book reviews
  • Inspiring videos
  • Tai’s approach on learning
  • Great way to improve yourself all around
  • Eye opening information
  • Great community support
  • Interactive with other members for improved growth
  • Free Inbox for member messaging and Tai’s Updates

You can read my full review about The 67 steps to success by clicking this link.

As I said in the beginning of this article, read up on everything and only try things that you think are value added so please read these reviews before you get involved.

Glad to see that you visited my site to help everyone in value added material and nothing but.

I hope to hear from you.



12 Replies to “Top Tier Side Income – Worth the Hype?”

  1. ah the good old story from ET. That dude really knows how to motivate. Isn’t he the same guy that said your WHY has to be powerful?

    Do you have a better option than this Top Tier program because I think I am going to be staying away from this.

    1. Kurtis,

      Well, if you are looking for a better program to get into then I would recommend some of the options that has to offer.

      I hope you find this website more helpful ad thank you for visiting us here.


  2. Hi there Shane,

    I am actually a big fan of Tai Lopez, his youtube channel is absolutely outstanding and learned a lot from his 67 step program (actually had posters made detailing them around my office! to keep me sharp).

    I tend to disagree with you in one aspect , and appreciate if you respect that, it is just as easy to sell expensive products as it is cheaper one. The techniques are the same.

    It just depends on the income level of your prospect. I will agree with you that it is more difficult to sell an expensive item to those who may struggle to pay for it , be like trying to sell a Ferrari to a low income family, they want it, they would love but cant afford it! Compare that to say a Billionaire prospect.

    Also, the opposite is true.Try selling a brand new ford Fiesta to Bill Gates….

    Luvin this site and Keep spreading the Lopez Love!

  3. I agree, top tiered products are excellent products to offer on websites, but the chances of a prospect actually purchasing a top tiered products is low.

    Having a variety of products, on the other hand, can make every difference in the world. Thank you for sharing this cool much needed info. A lot of people are going to find this valuable indeed.

    1. Hi,

      I have now completed my 7 day trial of the Top Tier Side Income program and I will say that the mark ups after are continuous and constant emails of upgrading, this helps prove the fact of funnel business sales are not the best way to go.

      Today’s version of the door to door salesman.



  4. I am glad that I found this post on top tier side income! I have heard the name, but not much more but have it on a list of programs that I wanted to do some research on.

    Looks like you have saved me the time, this for sure is a scam. It is amazing that lately with online ways to make money, everybody wants to sell us a sales funnel and we can hire them as a coach. Trust me, if I have never heard of you, I will not be hiring you to coach me! I do, though, like the sound of Wealthy Affiliate.

    That is a program that I will look further at – thanks!

    1. Erin,

      I’m glad that I could help and I do completely agree with Wealthy Affiliate being a value added learning program well worth the cost.

      Wealthy Affiliate has a wealth of knowledge from the video tutorials to the community members who are very much willing to reach bout and help.

      Are you thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate?

      If so then please look me up when you start and I will glad to help out where I can.



  5. This does not look like a very good system to have any association with, especially if they make use of a funnel system.

    If they don’t deliver on their promises, then you’re right, even the trial is a waste of time. Do you know if they have any money back guarantee?

    1. Reyhana,

      I completely agree with this system is a waste of time. This is one of the leading reasons that I made a review about them.

      Funnel systems are a bad idea for anyone who is honest about what they want and who they are.



  6. I was looking for reviews on Top Tier Side Income and came across your review.

    Thank you very much for the clear information you provide on the product.

    I find you post very informative and got the answer I was looking for.

    I am not going to waste my time with Top Tier, but your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation looks promising.

    I will definitely investigate it. I love the fact that you can join for free (no obligations) and test it first.



    1. Rika,

      Glad to be of help to you and I hope your venture with Wealthy Affiliate goes well, I am currently an active member of both Wealthy Affiliate and Tai Lopez’s 67 steps so feel free to contact me whenever you want.

      I hope all is going well,


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